Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lotus Runtime Update..Because NOMAD isn't the answer

Well, not every time at least. I am fond of Kiosk mode going back to some R4 days.
Seems my posting on ideajam is not making a hit, so far at -4. Not surprising, but I am interested in why you say no to it.
I understand the need is not common, after all if you are a Lotus BP or customer or developer or anything of course you have a Lotus Notes client to demo with.
I in fact have 6, not including multiple iNotes/DWA and mobile clients or NOMADS.Probably have almost 15 ways in fact.

Yes, NOMAD was the way I was able to help my friend with the demo.

However, I still feel that I should be able to runtime a DB if that is what is required. Think about a Journal runtimed into a google gadget as one idea.

Naturally this is not very practical for heavy apps or even Notes email really, but there are times when we or our client may not want to see a Lotus, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Java demo then what do you do?

If any of my gifted developer friends read this, have you come up with a better way?

Should I expect Lotus to resolve this? No. A browser demo should resolve this usually, it just so happened I am not a developer(see next post later today) and so was out of time to code the web side.


  1. I agree with you Keith and I have voted on this. In the world of Diving in the Oil and Gas Industry we have a strange situation where the "top 2" Diving companies use Notes and most of the Oil Companies use Outlook and Exchange. We get a problem when the Oil Co's Representative goes onto the Ship that his e-mail has to be Notes. When he leaves the ship after a few weeks he can take his Mail File with him but he can't view the e-mails back at base. Admittedly this is a very small problem in the scheme of things but it is a problem none the less.

  2. Keith,

    There use to be a Kiosk version of Notes. I do not know if that is still available. This is one of the issues I have with the Notes client. I had a long discussion with an IBM developer about this at Lotusphere 2009.