Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Forget Microsoft, Google's on the cusp

Following on the latest from Google, what if PostiniG is their leading edge?
Is Spam really such an issue? Doesn't everyone have a spam filter of some sort? Even at home? What are they getting to by ads like the one in March 24 Information Week issue with the "Messaging and Collaboration" section in bold. It is not about them, but a reference to some white papers they have produced over at

Does SaaS make sense for email? Google of course argues it does. One of the Google White Papers even points out from 575 interviews of executives, 17% or 98 of them knew nothing about SaaS! There is an interesting discussion in itself.

Others argue it's a privacy issue or security and they would never do it. Why is Google(or any other SaaS vendor) better equiped to secure my data if every day we read about another failing bank, another credit card scam, more records stolen, laptops disappearing and other security issues?

Google, and most intenet companies are starting to realize that until the Star Trek transporter exists people will need to take data offline or off the grid or out of the cloud. Because right now you can not be online everywhere YOU want to be.
This may never change either. For some people they may never be offline unless on an airplane.

Friends of mine just took a cruise in the Caribbean and had cell phone coverage the entire time. They claim it's the first time the saw that in the last few years and they go on cruises 2-4 times a year.

Maybe Google really is on to something and we need to rethink our plans for our users and companies. I have seen a push for webmail and it means 20 years later I need to be an ISP again or 10 years later I need to be an ASP, except now I am called an SAAS provider.

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