Monday, April 7, 2008

Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2007? Not so fast!

More happy news from Microsoft for those holdouts on 5.5.
Do they mean there are that many organizations still on it that they have to include it in this update?

Lotus didn't even bother saying R5 could upgrade to R8 presumably because so many clients were already on 6 or 7. Of course it could and does upgrade from R5, with some slight tweaking to your SMTP configurations and other similar pieces in some cases. And of course you can upgrade from a previous version to the R8 version in many ways, and it does not require setting up an interim network either!

What is interesting is the terminology.
Migration is now solely referred to when coming from an external mail system to Exchange.
Transitioning is from an older version to a newer one of Exchange.

Here is the link:

Upgrading to Exchange 2007
Applies to: Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-07

When transitioning to Exchange 2007, you cannot perform an in-place server upgrade on an existing Exchange server. Instead, you must install a new Exchange 2007 server into the existing organization, and then move data to the new Exchange 2007 server.

You cannot upgrade an existing Exchange Server version 5.5 organization to Exchange 2007. You must first migrate from the Exchange Server 5.5 organization to either an Exchange 2003 organization or an Exchange 2000 organization, and then you can transition the Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 organization to Exchange 2007.

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