Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What to write for Ben, title anyone?

Me and my big mouth. I love a challenge, in fact the larger the better.
So when I asked recently to write an article(I know its late I need to write it)for the View I thought hey, why not write a few articles.

Haven't started any.


CIO magazine is on the list too. If I can ever write it.
Now I signed up for Ben's online storytelling.

When I last wrote something, aside from snippets of wannabe Lotus ads, it was a pantomime in the UK.
Prior to that it was a number of various edited versions of larger plays, films etc for camp, school, college.

And I almost always wrote it all at the last minute, or evening or morning. And in some cases backstage. Felt like the Epstein brothers when they edited Casablanca's script.
Why? No idea, always worked better under deadlines maybe.

If I or those of us writing can write something as enjoyable as The Princess Bride or The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy or as memorable as The Godfather who knows but it sure beats working some nights doesn't it :-)

Now about the title, any suggestions?

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