Monday, March 3, 2008

Going Mobile with Sametime, Why aren't you?

Nope, no Traveller yet :-(

This is about Sametime Mobile. I love it, especially the R8 version. So much faster and more intuitive, and the lookup on users is fantastically fast.

The problem was my Blackberry users could not get to it. My fault, wrong IP address entered. Hey, we all mistype now and then.

But they rally missed having it. I didn't even think they used it.
Taught me a great lesson. Users really like when we are proactive in helping them extend their reach, even if we don't always know how many people it helps or in that one circumstance.

Sure I know that, but many people still deny their user's rights as simple as this.
If you can not do everything from your mobile phone by the end of this year, what on Earth are you waiting for?

Try Lotus Expeditor, enable your apps(within reason) for mobile fidelity. HR apps, vacation schedule workflows, even sales information mashups should be there, if they aren't already.

The cost?
Negligible next to the productivity gained. Talk about ROI, it's a huge winner.

If any of you have not en bled Sametime Mobile, tell me why?

It's just a configuration(yes I know ports on firewalls, etc. but you already have it opened via 1533 anyway if you run Sametime or 80 for http tunneling, so no excuses). Security? If you go via a BES it makes its own VPN so to speak and tunneling. Proxy, not an issue we work with it, reverse proxy, we work with it too.

Next time you are in the airport use it, amaze yourself what you can do. Yes you can call people but this way you do not get a busy signal or vmail.

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