Monday, March 24, 2008

DWA 801 and ST8, errors 404 and 500 Resolved

This is one interesting piece of a puzzle and hopefully some one out there knows what happenned to my clients server that caused this.

As I know someone out there meets these odds and ends(not just me), I felt I should let everyone get the quick scoop.

This is what started it all, the 404 error.

This led to the status 500 error. Go here to get the file you need to make this work after you get the popup.

Eventually you need this one

The problem seemed to stem from incorrect IP addresses and/or qualified host names.
In tracing all locations of references for IP and/or name(server configuration docs, server docs, internet web docs, stconfig.nsf, sametime.ini, plus a few more pieces) it became obvious I had one mistake on tunneling ports. Added the trusted IP address to the communtiy connectivity section and restarted and all suddenly is fine.

What broke it? I have no idea, it was working fine for over a week since updating it.
I also note the backupexec software now has error messages.
Could there have been a Microsoft update that created this landslide? I have no idea yet.
But I will find out why we must add in a piece of BETA code from R8 beta 3 to make this work.

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