Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What if you knew the company

" and found them dead on the ground, how can you run when you know?"

Apologies to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for using their lyrics from OHIO.

A large monopoly of an electric company in Florida is migrating from Domino, if it takes them as long to do it as it took to get on Domino again I can not see a ROI on this one.
If they had hired the right people, paid them a decent salary(or hired me any one of the more than 5 times I was in discussions with them, over 10 years) they would not be at this stage of events.
I still offerred my services as they are trying deperately to get some one in there to stabilize it all during the migration.
I don't want to see them go under or leave Domino, but what can you do from the outside looking in. It's just a shame when good companies go bad and take their IT down with them as well.

Some companies just do not know how to treat their employees. No incentive or bonus, a 1% raise, if that, manic hours and you should thank them for having a job.

Sadly this is not limited to South Florida but is a growing problem.

If you have IT staff and do not provide incentives to them, and money is not the best or only option, you get what you deserve and your company will eventually feel it.
You can not build a house with cosmetic plastics that look like cement. So you can not build a decent infrastrcuture without solid foundations.

If and when I am CEO of a company, my raise is not going to be more than the average across the entire company. Why should it be? Why are you proud your IT budget has not grown in years but shrank? Do you really have much to show for it?
How does this instill hope or vision or loyalty to your employees?

My new job is in IT incentives, anyone in need contact me, I do house calls.

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