Monday, March 10, 2008

In Lotus I trust, but friends are better

Someone came to my rescue so I can play with a certain piece of software which I have been trying to get for about 2 weeks now.
He knows I am greatly in his debt and can't thank him enough.

This may never have happenned if 3 things had not taken place, well 4 but I won't go into it.

1) Lotusphere(s) whether I met him there or not, it is the start of a great friendship, some known, some to be known.

2) This blog or blogging in general and commenting at other sites. I could post all I want in the forum but it's not the same and in this case was facilitated by #3.

3) - Lotus911's website, or more specifically their Sametime server which, for the life of me I am not sure why Lotus hasn't done this in the 10 years since Sametime came out, is available for anyone to login to and use(presumably within reason).

The guys at Lotus911 deserve the credit for doing what any of us could have done, but never did. They even beat me to it with a BP I was working with, so now I have to find something different.

The idea that all Lotus people could be connected in one way and find each other is just amazing, from a business perspective or just from a there he/she is! type moment.

Thank you again and drinks are on me in Orlando or your city which ever we get to first.


  1. I'm glad you find it useful (I know I do).

    Lotus actually has had (and still does) "open" demo servers. The latest is (and stdemo3 is running Sametime 7.5.1). I think there's something different about having this come out of the community, rather than from IBM, though.

    Either way, I'm glad that it was set up and that everyone is putting it to good use.

  2. Adam,
    Yes Lotus has had some available sites, but you could never expect them to keep it open forever. Like th eLotusphere site whihc, for no reason, disappears after 2 weeks.

    Presumably IBM did not want the whole world to piggy back their Sametime infrastructure(hopefully this will not happen to bleedyellow). But how else would one be able to find so many great people?
    Planetlotus probably would have done it at some point too would be my guess.

  3. Actually, has been available on the internet for over 5 years. This is a demonstration server, not part of the Lotus/IBM infrastructure. was added a few months ago to provide access to the Sametime Gateway and will probably not be a long-term system. But any changes to it will be announced on the home pages at stdemo3 and stdemo4 well in advance.

  4. Thank you for the updated list of sites.
    I know throught he years there has been many but I never kept track of them.
    Will check them out when i get a minute