Friday, February 5, 2010

Qantas Outsources their brains too?

By now most people have read or heard Qantas has decided to go to Outlook after being on Lotus Notes for 15 years or so....because their strategic partner, since April 2009, Fujitsu, said so.

This quote is interesting
"Subject to satisfactory piloting, we anticipate the migration to be substantially completed by the end of the year."

Qantas employees, fight this. Not because of Outlook or Notes but because of your job and the precarious nature of where this expense may send your company and thus your job.

Satisfactory piloting? Sounds like Mr. Hall is skeptical perhaps? After all this is the man who wanted to cut $100 million from his expenses. And the reason provided is
"This is part of the Qantas technology group's focus on leveraging technology to improve efficiencies for the business and enhancing communication effectiveness across our workforce,"

And this will do this how? Leveraging Outlook? It's a client side product. Exchange leveraging? I guess if one has the other pieces of the Microsoft puzzle it makes sense, but one could and should argue they would have been better served using LotusLive Notes or iNotes...but I don't think Fujitsu would do so. They would never allow IBM to get another foothold on their customer. Interesting to see if they go to Exchange in the Cloud or some hosted by Fujitsu version or wait for it...because Fujitsu probably wants to sell hardware as well. Sounds like the usual game and Qantas, or rather Mr. Hall bought into it big time.

I have said it before and will say it again. If you as the CIO/CEO/CTO want to leave Notes, pay for it out of your bonus because you are wasting your companies money. If you believe so strongly this move will not only save you money...but make you money then share in the wealth. but you can't because you know the truth and it's NOT about your company.

You will be very hard pressed to provide any cost benefit for making a change like this. While it may appear wise financially(somehow?) in the short term, the long term shows quite clearly that you will lose. But of course, the average tenure of an executive in your position is 5.3 years so you will be fine before the next huge bill comes back to the company. Especially if you start this process in year 2 of your tenure.

By the way, if you own Qantas shares get ready to sell them. If past histories tell us anything it's that companies that leave Lotus Notes to Exchange(or some other system) go into free fall for at least a year. Think about it, if you were blowing a few million for nothing, when will you get that back? And your internal IT systems wreck havoc with employees and various applications have to get rebuilt. Right, Fujitsu support staff knows Exchange but not Domino, so support costs will go down? Excuse me while I can't stop laughing. An increase in servers and staff and what will almost definitely be a hybrid environment for years to come. Fujitsu, or Mr. Hall, let us help you, contact me so we can show you the error of your ways.

A mess that anyone with some intelligence would look at and question. Instead try asking how else could we extend our systems. Hint, those millions you are spending could have gone VERY far, especially to staff that probably deserves it more.