Friday, February 12, 2010

Mail Redirector Series #3, Login Page Edits

Funny how you follow your own guides only to realize something is missing.
Well, not really missing but neglected in the previous posts.

When I discussed putting links to other sites or services, I should have added this, but didn't as I was focused on the Domino login form.

Domino login pages by default get grabbed from all over the place. Quickr and Sametime have their own, as well as Domino of course, then there is the SSL one and Traveler. When I have time and a set up with them all will grab some screen shots.

As an example, the Quickr login page is:
quickplace/resources.nsf, to replace the default entry.
Next to Target Form, type QuickPlaceLoginForm in the Domino Web Server Configuration Document.

But how can you manipulate this all to your benefit?
John Rolling wrote a nice article about it here. With more detail that I went into below.
Plus, Jake Howlett added this post on the login forms as well.

Create the domcfg.nsf (domcfg5.ntf), otherwise known as "Web Server Configuration" database.

In reality it does nothing unless told to do so. So create it using the Domino Web Server Configuration template found under advanced templates.

You will see 3 different choices. Sign in Form Mappings is first.
Click on add Mappings and set the options as you require. Leave target database for now and the form. Keep the form name in mind.

Now save it and then view the database in designer. Admins don't fear you can do this with little or no help depends on how much you want to include.

Locate the form, loginuserform, copy and paste it in there and change the name slightly, say companyloginform. The reason is when you update the template it will wipe out your form, if you don't change its name from the default one.

Now double click on your new companyloginform and proceed to add your own text, graphics or whatever you want to it and save it.

Go back to the database in your Notes client and edit the mapping you created earlier and replace the loginform with companyloginform.

Go test it at your browser, no need to restart HTTP or anything. This is also how you can add links to other sites or information for your employees, like emergency phone numbers or whatever you need and everyone will see it.

You can do the same with the other 2 options in this database. Depends on your time and interest.

So not something new, Jake's post goes back to 2005, but something which I should have included previously and was remiss.

Thank John and Jake if you see them.