Monday, April 15, 2013

IBM Midmarket CRM Google+ Hangout Wen 1-1:30pm EST

I will be on a panel which is bringing together a group of CRM thought leaders to discuss the industry and how social media contributes to the success of your business.

Wen, April 16th at 1pm EST on Google+, go there now and get connected properly before the Hangout starts,

Panelists, their linkedin profiles and blogs.
Paul Gillin (Moderator) of Profitecture
Lori Richardson and blog of Score More Sales
Paul Foucher and blog of SugarCRM

Steve Lokam and blog of OpenLogix

Keith Brooks and blog of VoiceRite

Some topics will include, but
SugarCon 2013:  News and any interesting trends or themes?
Is there an industry in particular that we see a growing demand for CRM?
How do we use social media to keep up with what’s happening in the CRM industry?

Please tweet me or leave messages at the Google+ hangout location for more topics.

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