Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sugarcon Day 2

The second day of #sugarcon opened up with Terry Jones (slides are at the link under downloads) of Kayak, Travelocity fame reminding us all that just because we mean well, doesn't always mean we get it right. Sending out emails with wrong subjects, sending an email that has no one to reply to and more derivatives of marketing aloofness.

The afternoon sessions, 7 at a time in parallel, spanned many topics and from discussions many felt the 2nd day sessions were what they came for as they felt the 1st day were more sales pitches from vendors or marketing. Personally I was very happy in the discussion on Hillel houses using SugarCRM and the preview of Sugar7 (#Sugar7). The latter session really should have been in the ball room given how stuffed in the room, doorway and hall it was for people.

Back to the 2nd day. My demonstrations at the IBM booth went well of the VoiceRite integration with SugarCRM and IBM Connections. There were numerous exhibitors and they could be found across 3 different rooms. In a separate post I will cover some of the vendors.

My session in the afternoon was up against some strong competition but the feedback from the attendees was well worth it and I am happy to hear I hit on a key issue for many of them.

The afternoon had the Application Throwdown looking for some new and better toys for us to use found Callinize was very impressive but ProcessMaker won the event.

At the end of the event, it was announced that Stuart Mcintyre had won an iPad Mini for his tweeting efforts. Not very shocking to those that know him. For the record, I came in 4th. But analytics is another story. You can see some excellent analytics, for a few days, over here from the NextPrinciples team. If you do CRm, marketing, social media you should look at their analytics. You could be doing the same, ask me how.

Congratulations to all the winners of the various giveaways and the Faye Business group for the Patron.

Next year Sugarcon moves back to San Francisco April 27-May1, 2014 hope to get invited back to do a 3rd edition of The Boss is Anti-Social. Thank you to SugarCRM for another great show and IBM for letting me present at their booth.

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