Friday, April 2, 2010

TGIF - How to Permanently set Return Receipt on

You can't!

Shocked and bewildered that this is not a policy setting option. The only way to do it is to edit your mail template code. Not even sure what this would be like for iNotes.

There is technote #1211338
"Enabling return receipts by default in a mail file or mail template"
This say for

Notes Domino 6.5.4 and later:
1. Open the design of the mail file and open the DelOptionSubform subform.
2. Give the ReturnReceipt field a default value of 1 (type "1" in the formula window for the default value; include the quotes) and save the changes.

But why is there no policy for this? If I needed this for only the legal department or sales I would need to keep multiple templates. Not what I want to do in mot clients situations.

Someone tell me I am wrong and just missed it in the policy listings some place please.

I created an ideajam request on this and if you agree, go vote on it here.


  1. First; let me say I hate "always on" for Return Receipts. What are you thinking?

    Second; Can't say more because I am under NDA, but just wait a little bit.

  2. You may create a group named "DefaultRRList" and give a formula to the default value as

    @If(@IsMember("DefaultRRList"; @UserNamesList);
    "1"; "")

    You put names or groups into that group so they will have return receipt on by default.

    It will be a pseudo-policy :)

    Local users should be tested...

  3. Freddy, I wasn't, but the lawyer is.
    And it serves me right for not reading all up on 852 yet.
    @serdar thanks for that advice

  4. Your lawyer needs to be educated a little bit:

    a) Return receipts are not guaranteed once the message leaves your environment
    b) if you use local mail it is very easy to intercept return receipts
    c) Return receipts say: the message has been opened. It doesn't say: has been read (completely) or understood or acknowledged. (The same holds true for confidentiality disclaimers at the end of a message: if I stop reading at the fold I never saw the disclaimer and thus can't be bound by it).

    A return receipt is the (incomplete) equivalent of a registered mail. Ask the lawyer if all corporate communication only can be send using registered mail. Incomplete: the trusted intermediary confirming the delivery is missing.

    Also it is very rude.

  5. Stephan,
    There just isn't a better way to CYA when you send an email based on others deadlines.
    We have discussed a few options but this was the least intrusive.
    We could use confirm delivery but that won't work outside the network.
    It was to be used purely for sending validation, NOT that the other party received it.
    Otherwise I would be storing 365 days of server logs and that is not going to happen.
    We discussed mail journaling but it's the same problem, it would have to be maintained for 365 days at a time.
    It is rude, when used internally.