Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LCTY event in Miami, Palm Beach/Boca Raton

LCTY Miami and LCTY Boca Raton
While it has taken some time, I am now happy to say our LCTY site is now live.
You can find it here,

Florida, the home of Lotusphere, where it all starts for many of us each year, is also where LCTY's (for the moment) stop. On our site you can get links to all of the Florida LCTY events, not just the 2 we are running.

June 10 is the last date on the IBM public site, for North America and that is our event in Boca Raton.

So just how does one close an LCTY event? An excellent question.

We were thinking about closing the 1st LotusLive deal in Florida at it, too late, we did it already.

Maybe a Domino.doc to Quickr migration announcement, again, already got it.

Maybe we can find an old Domino customer to bring them to 8.5.1, nope did it already, although there might be an R4 server still in South Florida.

Possibly the 1st IBM Cloud Computing deal for a Websphere/DB2 project? hmmmm, maybe.

But we look forward to meeting some new people, hearing from our speakers like a yet unconfirmed IBM executive, a great chance to hear about mobility and Lotus software clients from RIM our sponsor of the events, if we have enough interest for a technical session or 2 I will probably present as well.

Thanks go to the IBM teams who are being so helpful and assisting us with logistics as well as nailing down the IBM executive.

So if you happen to be on vacation or visiting a client or maybe you are a Microsoft person who reads my blog, come on down and introduce yourself. There are secret meetings/sessions as well, but you have to register to get notification of these.

We do ask everyone register so we can nail down the right size room, food and perhaps other goodies.

So go to and register for either Miami, June 9 or Boca Raton, June 10.

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