Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing your Server and Clients for Passover

Been a bit quiet as I have been onsite at a clients and not always accessible.

That said, when I return home I have been preparing for Passover which starts Monday evening.

Lotus released 851 fixpack 2 a few days ago and you have to clean your server and clients just as well as you clean your house, car or desk for Passover.

There are always files hanging around, hot fixes, interim fixes, internal edits and other similar pieces laying about. Before you do this upgrade clean it all up.

Move ID files to the correct directory if you have amassed a bunch in the server directories.

Notes.ini parameters to change between versions? Check with DCT, the Domino Configuration Tuner on it if you aren't sure yourself.

Delete your swap file, and let the server reboot and have a clean one.

Check on your DAOS store, disk space, memory utilization and almost anything else that you never get to do.

Sometimes you find that lost bit of code or template you were looking for, sometimes you find a coke you forgot in the data center(I know you aren't supposed to eat or drink in there, but I also know what it's like).

So have yourself a clean and Kosher Passover and safe upgrades to your clients and servers and catch you all over the next week. Especially those Lotus lovers in town, let me know where you are.

For the record, I was unable to upgrade my client version on my vista laptop to 851fp2. Will keep trying.


  1. May you have a liberating Pesach!

  2. Thank you and to everyone out there.

  3. I had the same issue on Windows 7, upgrade failed but on opening notes, UAC appeared to be stopping as changes are made to the registry. So try disabling UAC and see if it helps!