Friday, April 9, 2010

What do you do with a Stand alone Notes Client

A discussion on twitter from someone in IT that was asked by an employee to let them use a Notes client as a stand alone functional piece of software.

I replied that it does no harm and the person does not need a server, although it helps for more advanced needs and of course if any application needs to get shared then you do need a server.

This brought up an interesting discussion, aside from them being on Exchange and Windows 7.

What do you use on your stand alone client, that maybe is replicated to a server but doesn't really NEED a server?

I keep copies of everything on a server but my laptop has a massive directory of apps I play with or use.

A quick list of what is in my Launcher section of my home page includes:
  1. Time tracking/billing
  2. Serial Number/Password list for clients
  3. Gotcha db file (where I store various odd items of technical wizardry for support issues)
  4. PMR/Outage Reports
  5. Travel/Vacation time off (a second db also has past hotels, cars, trips in more detail
  6. Expense Reports
  7. Lotusphere Dbs (because thanks to Ben's efforts you can attach the slides to the sessions for later use when you need a review)
  8. Client configuration (where I keep client details like IP addresses, visio maps et al)
  9. Irish Pub db (You never know when you need it!)
  10. Home project db (never quite as used as I prefer, but helpful in planning sometimes)
  11. Sketch ups (code pieces for reusing to demo an app)

And a slew of other ones which require some server interaction.

So an individual in a company could be more productive, in various ways at a simple level and in the case of workflow type database, even for their own knowledge, it is a nice win for them as well.

Can you do more having a server, sure, no question, but working on your own, with a designer client you can go pretty far.


  1. Keith,

    I wrote a little program to keep electronic copies of all my personal bills and receipts organized by companies and categories so that I can search for them. 2010 goal is to eliminate all my paperwork at home.

  2. oooo, that sounds much better than mine.
    Can I try your db out?

  3. Keith,

    After I complete a major project in June, I am planning to update it and create a nice interface and have it available for anyone to download anyone. So stay tuned.