Monday, March 8, 2010

Streaming Video from PC to TV via Wii

I don't post much on these topics but this was kind of fun and cool.

Wondering the best way to watch videos we have on our PCs on our new LCD without a whole PC connected to the TV...for now.

Found some interesting ideas about using one's Wii or Xbox which is easier.

But we have a Wii so I found that there was a port for VLC called mplayer_CE which you need instead of the program they use in this web post.

And it worked on the first try. I can now access my shared data files and watch movies of the kids or evidently there is a way to share skype this way too, which would be interesting.

Just one of those geek things we do. And yes the LCD is software upgradeable via USB. Wish my car was as easy to upgrade its software.

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