Thursday, March 11, 2010

When iNotes Access just doesn't work

I am working on my Mail Redirector presentation, Under the hood of mail redirection and its effects on iNotes and iPhone users, for The View Admin conference and ran into a problem which I will now add to my slides.

Go to login to a clients server to check on mail or reply to something from within, which I do all the time, and got this message AFTER logging in and getting the redirecting temporary page, it then reverts back to the login page and says:

Kbrooks, you are not authorized to access mail/kbrooks.nsf.
Please sign in with a name which has sufficient access rights:

Huh? Since when does iNotes have superior access to me as the admin and Manager of my mail file and full server access etc.

Wondering if I messed up the redirector or is there something else going on here that I am missing.


  1. Hi Keith, I've had that problem in the past and it was because the Owner or Manager fields in the Mail Files were empty. I haven't seen it for some time though (R6 I think).

  2. Did you check the "Maximum Internet access" in the ACL? Might be locked down.

  3. Not the owner field or max access or name variations.
    Still investigating