Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Google Frustrates me

I like Google usually, aside from when they try to act like a corporate provider.

In this case, as a consumer, they have some issues.

While working on our AdWords campaign I was sent an email to share access to it. You would think it would be easy enough, just login using my Google ID.

One problem...which ID is that? Keep in mind each of the ones listed below are absolutely 100% different logins and passwords.

My google Wave ID?
Gmail ID (I do not use gmail so don't bother emailing me there)
Other corporate login (not primary domains)
Blog login (Google bought Blogspot)
Adwords ID (don't recall but from at least 2 years ago)

The last one is the problem. Evidently I was supposed to use the same login for all adwords accounts. I chose to assign yet a new one, because Google wouldn't let me login with any of the above ones.

Then the page shows up in chinese when I try to login!
My Chinse is rusty

And if you had seen the screen before you would realize that my login is accepted but still not getting redirected to adwords or our campaign.

I don't know what Google's Directory plans are, but so far they don't have one as far as I can tell. I understand the average company has one Directory(or so google might lead you to believe) and so maybe that works for Google, but I don't think so.

Just wondering why I can't use an universal ID for all the Google pieces.

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