Monday, November 9, 2009

Installing the 8.5.1 clients on a Windows 2003 Server

While I still get nearly an hour of lunchtime from an install on Vista, the same can't be said about my recent install to a server.

One has enough time to get a drink and that's it.

Clocking in at just under 11 minutes to install all 3 clients(without Symphony) is pretty impressive.

Would have created a video but honestly who wants to watch paint dry for 11 minutes?

How are the times on Windows7?


  1. Why would you want to install client code on Windows 2003 server?

  2. Remote server install, makes life easier and using nlnotes can have adverse reactions if you aren't careful so rather be safe than sorry.

  3. Installation of the client on a server is not supported, and hasn't been for some time. Plus, Windows is the only platform on which it is still possible. It's considered a security breach. It's not really necessary nor recommended.

  4. Funny, never have a problem with it on the server and it is supported to a point.
    Naturally Windows is the only platform because MAC doesn't have a server version. Linux I believe can also run both with no issues, but I would ask your local Linux Lotus guru.
    Yes it can be a security issue, especially when leaving id's without passwords.
    However running nlnotes.exe to me is a bigger issue because it requires no ID.
    But it is necessary sometimes because it makes life easier/faster especially when working remotely.
    This technotes explains it well

  5. Also is you need to run some API's from client code you must install the client.

  6. Excellent technote. Thanks for providing it. My take-away from it though, was that it is supported for the specific purpose of supporting API programs (last paragraph). You say that it is "necessary" because it "makes life easier/faster" when working remotely. Just to play devil's advocate (being a Lotus evangelist myself!), IMHO making things "easier/faster" does not make it necessary, it just makes it more convenient. But at what risk or cost? Stepping into the Wayback machine, I remember the days when it was a Notes server and of course the client was installed along with it. Once it became Domino though, having the client on the server was no longer necessary or encouraged. And I concur that launching nlnotes is a bad practice. Can you provide, perhaps, an example or scenario in which the having the client on the server is "necessary"? Granted it can be convenient when accessing remotely...

    A fellow Evangelist...

  7. Sure, the primary reason in having it local, especially when building a server is sometimes issues occur in the NAB for instance and you want to edit or change something but don't or can't get access to the primary server or domain.
    Think of how many times we get the tcp can't connect or can't find server. So how do you get files fixed or cleared? FTP?SSH? Windows Share/file and copy?
    How do you know what is wrong if you can't access the server's nab or details? Console won't help. Webadmin might as could java console and that is why those get set up next and I revert to them in later use.
    As with all things Domino, what one of us experiences some of us never experience and vice versa at different levels.
    But is it a security risk? No more than your admin leaving their notes client open without a lockout or screensaver password.
    or worse, ID files in the NAB which are available on the internet.

  8. Point well taken, and I don't disagree with the reasoning... Consider, though, a different OS, such as i5 or Linux. How would you access the nab locally? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that even though Windows makes it convenient, albeit possible, why rely on that "crutch". It's just one more security hole that can and should be sealed.

  9. Yes, that is true, it's a crutch, a relic of my 18 years on Notes and Domino. But I don't install a client on the AIX ever :-)
    It just made life easier in this case and now happy I did as I was doing work on it from a different place without my laptop.
    Hadn't set up Webadmin, my bad. Should have it up today when I get a minute.