Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Abstracts for me this year

But it works out in your favor.

Some were about how to enhance your support methods or build up your documentation for SOX or Disaster Planning or Business Continuity, I will most likely blog these at some point, with dbs to help get you started as well when applicable.

Other sessions submitted were based on articles and presentations I did this year which are of interest to a core group of (Quickr mostly) people, but maybe not the vast audience. Back to the white board for next year.

We had discussed on Twitter about doing an Un-Sphere for those who really wanted their sessions to be heard. I suggest when Ed and team open up Lotusphere Idol you try again, but otherwise blog it, pod cast it or slide share it. That is if you want to go through with it all, which as some pointed out is unlikely. I encourage you to be disciplined, create a deadline and just do it. It might make your session better for next year or the next LUG event coming soon. Or you may come up with a better idea for next time.

Some of us had wondered if we should do a 15 minute thing for people at Lotusphere but to be honest, aside from Lunch, not sure when that would ever work. And, in my case, I think I would prefer to just have more Blog posting material. But if this idea is of interest, to do some at lunch, sort of a lunch and learn thing, we can try it, I guess on the Monday at lunch and if it works do it each day?

Go see the people that are speaking, especially the new ones, they deserve your time and maybe, you might like them too and add them to your list of "must sees" for LS11. Many bloggers are speakers, so you probably have a fair idea already what to expect, but live is always more fun. Remember the speakers are other Lotus lovers, just like you, and for that reason, there really are no bad sessions at Lotusphere.

You always learn something from every session.


  1. Keith,

    I think the SOX and business continuity would be interesting topics for the user group conferences. Hope you submit them for next year's MWLUG.

  2. I plan to do updates to the Domino Designer Wiki with the content I would have presented. So will get my dojo and Domino Web server in-depth sessions posted as wikis instead of slides.

  3. Richard, I will keep that in mind, let me see how the blog posts go for them first. Mostly about documenting, what, how, when, how often and what to store it all in of course. But will certainly do my best to get back there, next time for the full event!

  4. @kalechi this is what I hoped would happen. Don't want people to think their ideas were bad, all ideas are good and they should publicize them, who knows maybe next year they will get in once people see it, so to speak.

  5. I'm definitely interested in reading your take on SOX, Disaster Planning and Business Continuity.