Friday, July 18, 2008

Symphony to the Rescue, thanks again to Microsoft

Sad to admit it, but I do not usually use Symphony for all my work. I have slowly been moving newer work to it, but older docs/clients limited me in this.

Today while editing a spreadsheet, it crashed while saving. Never a funny thing.
Luckily Office 2007 has a built in autosave function, which I use extensively for years since it was introduced, wonder why?

Great it had my spreadsheet with my changes, went to save it again, as a 97-03 doc so 95% of the world could read it and BAM! Same problem.

Can't even screenshot it because it automatically sends Excel to a tailspin of closing.

Now to be fair, something wanted to get installed last night when I shut down my laptop. Probably from Microsoft but who knows, it took hours. Perhaps it was Vista SP1 or some other item.

In any event, nothing works as it should today, except Symphony is humming along fine as is my Notes client and Twirhl, the Twitter client I use.

And my spreadsheet, opened in Symphony, edited and saved as xls and all is well.

Here's hoping you have an easier time with Office 2007 and Vista in your travels, if not, look into Symphony, your hair and wall will appreciate it. or find it in your R8 client.

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