Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lotuscube Coming Soon, taking orders

Decided to test the waters with our new product. As we found the Lotus Foundation Micro2 server not really practical for my clients, we decided to up the ante.

What if that micro2 was a little bigger, and had 2 drives, 4gb of RAM or more and a really fast processor?
You could load Lotus Foundations, Linux, Windows or whatever else you want on it too!
And it was preloaded with Domino with Sametime or Quickr or ...
What if you could pick it up and take it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME?
And what if it came in Yellow?

Our clients in Florida, or other areas of natural disaster, may appreciate this portability.
Or perhaps you do a lot of trade shows, but hate shipping big boxes.
Or maybe Lotusphere wants to ensure everyone has the same hardware.
Maybe you just like yellow.
But wait, it gets better, what if you need one for development or staging/testing, we can help with other colors, just ask to help prevent confusion.

Whatever the reason, we got it, who wants it?
Labor Day availability, if not sooner for beta testers.

the Lotuscube or D-Cube, naming to be finalized

Product is NOT available from IBM or Lotus as a SKU.....yet, but give us time.