Friday, July 25, 2008

BES 4.1.6 upgrade may break Lotus Notes Traveler

Lotus Notes Traveler servlet reply
A technical posting, ask for help and others who have this setup and it works or doesn't work.
If like many small companies you run a Domino server and it also hosts BES and traveler, you may have a problem.

We upgraded a BES to 416 from 415 this morning and since then Traveler has stopped. It is running on the server fine, but the clients can't connect, error 36 usually.

Something has affected the servlet engine and Traveler clients can not connect to the server.

You can test it by going to your server from a browser and typing

You should then see something that looks like this picture.
If you get a 404 error, you have problems.

Perhaps this is the issue: Default port number is 50125 for IPC (Inter process socket connection between Lotus Notes Traveler Server and its HTTP server servlet).

All feedback is appreciated. My phone thanks you.


  1. I have some servers running traveler & BES, some running traveler & Sametime.

    I've found that whenever I upgrade either BES or Sametime, I have to reinstall Traveler for it to work.

  2. Craig,
    Yes that is how you can resolve it.
    I am interested in knowing how a non_lotus app can overwrite my configuration docs?
    This is a major issue for large companies that suddenly lose connectivity.
    Also as a number of people posted, there is a hot fix for traveler as well which was just released.