Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry for the post

This post has been removed due to my mistakes which after trying to edit it just went awry.My apologies to everyone involved


  1. Aehm,
    you wrote: "deployment fails when compression is disabled". That would mean: you have to have compression ON to succeed. Doesn't sound bad to me. Or is that a typo?
    :-) stw

  2. Umm... you originally asserted that SharePoint uses more bandwidth because you have to leave compression on. Now you edit to say that SharePoint eats more bandwidth if there's a corp policy that won't let you use compression? Seems common sense... compression reduces bandwidth consumption. Or am I missing the point?

    And you really need to first research "impersonation" and look into how Lotus is architected (yes, it also uses impersonation)before making that FUD impersonation comment.$File/readme_es401.pdf