Friday, July 16, 2010

LotusLive Questions for the Public on Backups

While I recently posted a bunch of questions on the beta LotusLive I had not gotten any response which is very unusual.

I pushed a few emails and postings out and had a call with someone I met previously to expand on the questions of mine, as well as theirs. It seems my questions caused some issues to move to the head of the class. Maybe they were getting to it anyway, but it never hurts to have active clients.

So while my questions would benefit everyone, NDA prevents me from elaborating but here is a question for you that I need to go back to the clients.

If you are using LotusLive Notes or Engage, how long would you expect IBM to maintain your files for compliance, backup or whatever reason?

Do you have legal people telling you what you can and can't do and for how long to keep it all?

What do you do now? 30 days? 90? Forever? Annual? How long to you keep data archived?

I usually ask clients to seek legal counsel and then discuss with me the best way to accommodate legal's requirements.

I would have posted this on Ideajam and probably will but it was down right now.