Friday, July 2, 2010

Resources and Reservations and Training

Remember when creating the resources database to populate it and make sure you restart your server afterward.

Trust me on this one, you will not get things to work until it is restarted.

I know, I should know this, but I live in hope that I can make these kinds of changes on the fly.

NO this is not about 852, it is in fact an 851fp3 server.

But I love the way you can pre-populate the online meeting details and not only search for attendees open times for meetings, but the resources too and play with it all you want.

Yeah, I know we all know this, but so many people out there have never really looked into their calendar usage and how much time it could be saving them if they would just set it up.

After training I am giving tomorrow to a group of Administrative Assistants I will post about their thoughts.

Did I mention they were using a spreadsheet mixed with Outlook Express using some free POP server to schedule their online meetings? I kid you not. A company that is doubling size e very 6 months too.

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