Thursday, July 22, 2010

LotusLive Impresses Customers

This morning I did a training session for a client's Ukraine team. So I was up at 6am to prepare. This was my 3rd in 3 weeks on LotusLive so I have it all down by now.

If anyone would like a similar session just let me know and we will schedule one.

The client is going to be using LotusLive Engage with LotusLive Notes. Problem is they are not turned on yet, so we used our Business Partner account and a Domino iNotes implementation.

Business Partners do not get to have the full LotusLive suite to use or play with unless they want to pay for it. We only get a choice of Engage, Notes or Meetings,(I believe) and given the choice, well Engage is much more helpful in sales.

Why? Because it covers everything except mail and calendaring/scheduling. Also we have a 1Gb limit compared to a 5GB for customers. And for the parts lacking I use Domino iNotes.

What was nice to hear is when I was showing the people on the LotusLive Meeting how in iNotes you can have all your resources, conference lines, meeting rooms and time lookups done for you, I got many thanks and "WOW" and "that is great" from the customers.

I suggested what is taking up 15 minutes of time could be resolved in less than 3 they were shocked and very eager to jump on it.

They also asked about an HR workflow app and how that will work inside Engage. It doesn't and can't be inside Engage.

Well not today.

This must change in Lotuslive, the ability to add tabs or other websites to My Dashboard so when this app is ready to go live on the web(via their in-house Domino app, unless we can find away to get it into the IBM Beehive for LotusLive) it will be there too.

This was the only issue they raised and one I have is that the link on My Dashboard should be customizable so it can point to the company's public or private website.

If you are a Business Partner and do not sell LotusLive, you should get into it now. However, John Head posted about the issue facing BPS yesterday and I can't agree more with him on this subject. So understand what you can offer before you talk to your customers.

If you have clients using older versions of iNotes templates for any reason start showing them iNotes 8.5.1 and help them save time and effort.

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