Friday, July 16, 2010

This blog was not here 3 years ago

It was elsewhere and some other ramblings exist but it was July 2007 when I started at this url and to be more serious and find a direction.

Sure I fell off the wagon a bit here and there, who doesn't?

Did I help a lot of people? No doubt based on some of the posts that get daily double digit hits.

I also probably, no, definitely stepped on some toes over time and I apologize to those of you out there.

While the quantity of writing slowed down this year to a paltry 236 posts this year, um well, lately it is much slower. We are seeing a resurgence in business and more things to keep us busy is always a good reason to not be writing.

I also am writing some chapters of a book on Quikr which has taken some time as well.

All in all a good year past and looking to be a great year forward.

See you at MWLUG or LS11 if I don't see you sooner.

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