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My posts about the iNotes/Webmail/Domino Web Access or DWA Redirector for Lotus Domino.
Mostly in order, but first some other links that help or helped.

The Technote (#1225910) to enable password synchronization for iNotes and Notes started in R8: 
Is it possible to automatically sync the Notes ID password (attached to mail db) with the internet password through DWA?

My Slides from The View Admin 2010 - Under the Hood of Mail Redirection and it's effects on iNotes and iPhone users

John Rolling wrote a great post about login page customizations here with more detail than I did in #3 below, plus, Jake Howlett added this post on the login forms as well that helped too.
  1. SNTT iNotes Mail Redirection in 8.5
  2. Webmail Redirection and Configuration Documents
  3. Mail Redirector Series #3, Login Page Edits
  4. When iNotes Access just doesn't work
  5. iNotes Can Be Saving You or Your Clients Money
  6. Webmail Redirector #4 - Unable to Login Issue
  7. iNotes Redirector Cluster Awareness
  8. My iNotes Redirector Session Updates
  9. Chrome + Lotus Webmail (iNotes), Works Fine
And because it came up once,

Fud Buster Friday #21 - No One uses iNotes/Webmail/DWA

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