Tuesday, January 10, 2017

If You're going to San Francisco...

"You're gonna meet some gentle people there" 
- So sang the late Scott Mckenzie in May 1967 as an advertisement for the then upcoming Monterrey International Pop Music Festival.

One of them will be me, as I have been asked to speak about one of my clients about their journey to the IBM Connections Cloud.

The abstract officially says(link):
Getting to the cloud is half the battle; while getting your users to follow you (let alone understand what is where or how) is another story entirely. From CAPS-happy users to 75% traveling executives, and clients that are so well known we have perpetual attempts to defeat our security, these are some highlights of our experiences moving from on-premises to Connections Cloud.

Moscone West, Level 2 - Room 2011Wed, 22-Feb 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM
(time, date and location may change before the event)

This is a new location, a new venue, a new conference with the same friendly and smart people you know from past years plus more people from across the tech scene which we have yet to know and become friends and family with over time.

Many of my fellow IBM Champions will be there, presenting and attending as will IBM Product Managers and if you look hard enough, the IBM Developers. 

The future which includes an expanding universe of Watson Workspace, Verse, Verse on Premises, IBM Connections, plus some surprises I am sure from the opening keynote to keep everyone excited during the show.

See you all in San Francisco!

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