Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Me? At a Hackathon? Lead a team? What?

I submitted a topic for Alan Hamilton's IBM Connect Hackathon which takes place the day before the event. It was accepted, my team "Domino Tweets" is good to go!
Our Motto : Stay at the pub longer, we'll tweet you if we need you, love your Domino Server!

Why? Because I have wanted one thing for a while, a DDM (Domino Domain Monitor) notification via Twitter.

As an admin DDM is my top inside the box tool. Notifications are usually in the database itself or in my case sent via emails. Emails can not be received when there is an SMTP issue or spam appliance failure. How do you get notified then? 

My answer is Twitter.

But it could just as well be Slack, IBM Watson Workspace, IBM Sametime, What's App, Google Hangouts or Skype, maybe Facetime (Ok, maybe not Facetime, unless I can use The T2 Arnold as the sender) to name a few variations.

Maybe we will do some of these, maybe only one, but whatever it is, this will be a giant step in moving DDM notifications forward with how admins work today.

The link to sign up and be a part of it is here. See you at the IBM Building Monday the 20th!

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