Monday, September 21, 2015

Social Connections 9 in Stuttgart w/Me

They say 3rd time is the charm, I will once again be speaking at the Social Connections event scheduled for November 5-6 in Stuttgart, Germany.

However, this time I have been blessed to not do a competitive pitch, nor an accountability one, but a Spotlight session you can read more about here on Friday November 6th.

I look forward to seeing many friends and many more customers at the event.

I will be wrestling with and explaining the at times conflicting aspects of technology evangelism, life and work balance and how shutting down for 25 hours a week, or sometimes more, really is helpful.

I know, not my usual session but they wanted something we felt strongly about and well this hits it on so many levels, hope you all come and listen and appreciate it.

No slides will be shown at this session aside from the thanking the sponsors slide and my contact details. You may be asked to turn your phone off during this session, if you are up to the challenge, see you there.

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