Monday, September 28, 2015

Who's Meeting me in Prague at Sutol 2015?

The nice people in charge of SUTOL 2015 in Prague on November 11 have granted me a session at their technical conference.

Thank you Martin Jinoch and team (@sutolcz) for letting this IBM Champion visit and meet everyone!

Luckily for me this year they are not making us present in Czech have opened the event up to English speakers.

With an expected 200 people coming that are Admins or Developers, they expect a nice size audience for the sessions.

My topic, one which I have spoken about at The View Admin and Lotusphere/Connect:

"DDM, Letting Admins Sleep later and stay at Pubs longer since 2005"

I will not be hacking DDM (Domino Domain Monitor) in this session, but we will be covering:
The basics for those who do not use it yet (shame on you!)
Notifications and what to do with them
Pros and Cons to so much knowledge
Tricks and Tips along the way
How to Manage your Exchange Admins or SAP or whatever...even IBM SmartCloud via DDM
Plus more ways to keep yourself happy after hours and on weekends.
Edited: At last I can do something I wanted for some time as an admin that DDM doesn't, but you have to come to hear/see it first.

I will be coming in the day before and leaving late on the 11th so if you need me to visit your office or help you in any way, please let me know in advance.

See you in Prague!

Oh and I ran across this for my fellow non Czech speaking attendees:

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