Monday, December 9, 2013

Took Vacation, Came back an IBM Champion

IBM has announced the new Champions for ICS and I am honored to be named, for the second time in a row, as an IBM Champion for 2014.

While on vacation with a cell phone that only makes and receive calls and no laptop, just an iPad. I was really only logging on in the morning and evening and Israel is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time. When i got back Thursday night my streams were filled with the news.

Very happy to hear my old friend from Lotus days, Oliver Heinz, will be handling us this year.

What is so amazing about this time?

For one, some really incredible people like my friend Ray Bilyk is now an IBM Champion and Stuart McIntyre has returned after his one year sabbatical.

My fellow IBM Redbook Thought Leaders are now IBM Champions, Wannes Rams and Sarah Carter. in addition to Salvador Gallardo and Femke Goedhart that return as IBM Champions as well.

So many great people and many of the IBM Champions are not only coming to Connect 2014, but presenting at it as well. Me too, more in a later post.

Congratulations to all 87 of us and let's have some fun out there!

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