Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Sametime JumpStart Session at Connect 2014

I am happy to announce we will be doing a JumpStart session about how to enable the IBM Sametime Voice in Sametime 9. 
For those that are unaware, SUTLite is now known as IBM Sametime Voice and is no longer an added license expense. You can load this up on your own and off you go! It is FREE!

But wait, you say you do not know any telephony? You are not the PBX person? You have no idea what a PBX is or does? 
Well, come on down to Orlando this winter, the week of Jan 26-Feb 1 and get hands on walk through session on how to start leveraging the best part of IBM Sametime 9.

I will be presenting with Jeremy Sanders, our ThinkRite CTO, who will be coming from the UK and we look forward to seeing you at IBM Connect 2014.

Official information for our session:
1633 : Calling Home: Enabling the IBM Sametime Voice (Phone) in ST9
Program Stream 2: For IT Practitioners
Track: 9: JumpStarts and Master Classes

IBM Sametime has so much to offer, but most customers still are using it only for instant messaging. Do you want to help your company enable everyone to work remotely and provide them with phones and video conferencing options from your IBM Sametime client? If the answer is YES! Come learn directly from the team that manages IBM Sametime Unified Telephony worldwide for over 150,000 people. Step by step, we'll walk through how to set your employees free. No extra infrastructure costs are involved as the IBM Sametime Softphone (SUTLite) is already part of your license and adds additional productivity to existing IBM Sametime Infrastructure and software suite.

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