Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeding the Zombies Social Media

Did you know that searching on Google for Social site for zombies has 23 million hits.
Sadly, vampires only have 5.9 million and werewolves 3.1 million.
No point in looking up social sites for Monsters, that's Lady Gaga's domain. 

How the times have changed? Just imagine what Bela, Boris or Lon would think.

When did people start caring more about zombies?

Could it be it happened when people started realizing their world could very well be from The Matrix? Or maybe there is just something extraordinary about zombies?

Zombies are cool then, so what does that mean to social sites?

Let's look at this for a few minutes:

Zombies seem to always head to the um, food. They must all share a primal instinct to follow the  herd, perfect for social sites and the minions that follow them.

Zombies eat out, often, and they let everyone know about it, loudly. They must post to a dozen social sites at least. Have you seen how these, ah people, er things, congregate.

Zombies have no brains, that is why they seek yours and mine. Which works for social sites, they are consumers...not creators. Can't create without any brains now can you?

Zombies never sleep, although they evidently do get weak, just like us when they have not eaten for a while. Perfect for that all consuming, must know everything going on in the world attitude some people perform on social sites.

Zombies don't care about the new Apple device or Android or Google app, they are laser focused on what they want and need. Brains, food, blood, whatever it is, so you technology folks may miss out, but almost everything else has evidently millions of eyeballs sockets to feed advertising.

Zombies are very hard to kill, or so I am told, which means they keep coming back for more, half a torso, no arms, whatever it is, they never give up. Just like marketers.

The moral of the story is don't be a zombie, be creative, be a creator, not a consumer.

Happy Halloween to all you zombie hunters and social enthusiasts.

(sorry for the font color, thought it would be appropriate)


  1. Equity Tips is a spam zombie.

  2. Just saw them all, been on a pmr call all morning. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. You gotta check this out!

    Talk to you later!