Friday, October 12, 2012

Lotus Notes Traveler Unable to Update on my Android

Saw this message on my server console when my phone called homne ot get the update, which is was prompted to do by the device.

HTTP JVM: Invalid redirectURL parameter from client user - ignoring since this could be an XSS attack.
So aside from the obvious, that I am not a hacker, could my phone be hacked? Don't think so, but it could be a browser issue on Android perhaps?

Anyone have some input, let me know. In the meanwhile copied the file to a download site and installed it so phone is up to date, but wonder why only Android has this not the iPhone users.


  1. Keith,
    We've seen this behaviour with Traveler but we've been unable to solve it yet.

  2. Some odd things appear with this new version. My android device is no longer consistent in it's UI either. Delete is sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes off screen.
    I await the next fixpack.