Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Better blog now that I am an IBM ICS Champion

I heard from some friends before I received the official email from Joyce that I am now a 2013 IBM Lotus ICS Champion. I was on a PMR call and missed the Community meeting.

You can see the entire list of the 2013 Champions here.

I have not blogged in over 40 days which means the flood is finished and I can venture out again.
Not muchtweeting either, my Klout score dropped by 5 points and is under 60 now. Ok, that i can ignore, but it shows what happens when you fall off the Earth.

Been working on projects that can't talk about in public, sorry about it, thus my quiet efforts.

Have also been in London and Dublin last 2 weeks for work and family.

Have been working on Connections quite a bit and will post some things I have found out.

Hope to see most of you in Orlando in January.

Sorry to be so simple but still amazed to be listed as a Champion.

Congrats to all the other Champions!