Monday, October 10, 2011

Windows7 Icon Quirks for 8.5.3

I asked this on Twitter last week, no one had an answer for this odd event.

When I run Notes, full client meaning Standard and Designer and Admin are installed as well, on a Windows7 machine I see the Designer icon in the task bar below. One time it showed the Admin icon.

Is this some odd reference in code? Makes no difference to me or functionality just funny to see it there.


  1. I have had the same thing happen on my Windows 7. For the longest time it would show the Admin client icon for the notes client and the notes client icon for the admin client. I just figured it was having an identity crisis.

  2. For me, using Win 7 32, I get a single icon on the taskbar. Seems to always be the Notes icon even if I start Administrator client first. Even with Notes, Administrator and Designer open there is just the Notes icon on the taskbar.

  3. I had this too - whichever client I opened first, the icon on the taskbar was always the Administrator icon. That means if I tried to pin the Notes start menu item to the taskbar and then launched it, it would open a separate (Administrator) icon for Notes and leave the pinned Notes icon unused. If I tried to pin the Administrator icon (which was displaying for the Notes client), it launched Administrator and not Notes.

    In the end I uninstalled everything, installed Notes on its own and then reinstalled the combined three clients over the top, and now it uses the Notes icon instead (and I can pin it). Bizarre.