Wednesday, October 5, 2011 article about Nationwide and Connections

This article appears in the October 1, 2011 issue. You may need to register to read the full article on line.

What should be of interest is this quote from the CIO of Nationwide:
IBM’s integration “was ahead of most other companies’ in terms of vision,” says Mark Gaetano, CIO for enterprise applications at Nationwide. 
This for years was Lotus strength, being ahead of the world, IBM also has many initiatives that are ahead of the curve and nice to see it recognized.

Mark Gaetano contiues
Lotus Connections integrates with document management, making documents searchable by end users in a way that could violate policies for protecting sensitive data at financial firms, Gaetano says.
This seemed to be a problem for them. Something which has come up in sites we have worked on as well. Customers do not grasp the security setups and how much is related to the end user versus the admin preset or defining them. It could be resolved but I am not privy to what went on.

When you explain Files, please make sure to discuss the pros and cons of how to handle security.
Admins can set to only share internally or leave open to the user's discretion. Tried to find a good document that outlines this better, if anyone has a link to one, please let me know and I will add it.


  1. After a long discussion with the team looking at Collaboration, It came to a logical conclusion that if not implemented correctly it would lead to bedlam. It comes down how to control resources and keep production on schedule. Just because one user needs something that keeps them on schedule doesn't mean that taking from the other resource doesn't hurt a bigger more important corporate project. Cutting out the Management/Project Management/Scheduling functions and just relying on workers meeting dead lines won't work if a person is being bombarded by "virtual drive-bys". It can hurt relationships if they say no, deadlines if they say yes. In this paradigm someone or something has to be the resource gatekeeper. The tools must some how know and throttle down access to a worker who is being over loaded. Know that they are in a meeting and prevent a IM, a task assignment is denied when it conflicts with already assigned tasks. If a tool takes too much time to manage then it isn't cost effective. My suggestion is IBM finally add a Project management component to their suite.

  2. Charles, an interesting description of the issues. Thank you.

  3. What are the security problems that your customers have stated? Haven't heard of security issues before.