Friday, April 15, 2011

You Admins Reading This Post, Do This

IBM has a program which is aimed to help you, yes you, be a Champion of your world. Yes IBM wants to recognize the IBM and Lotus Champions of the world. Not just some of us crazy blogger people or even some of the Business Partners, but you in the trenches.

You love it, you support it, let IBM give you some love back as well.

I take no credit for the idea although I admit to giving feedback about it at Lotusphere 2011 as did many others.

So if you want to go get fixed up with whatever IBM wishes to bestow on the Champions, here are the links.

Oh yeah, you can nominate yourself so don't worry that no one outside your company knows you, but if you think that is the case please follow and meet some of the 315+ Lotus/IBM/Collaboration/Social bloggers.

IBM Champion program page:

Have an excellent Weekend and big thanks Joyce Davis and everyone on her team at Developerworks for her pushing this to get done.


  1. Wait... what if IBM lines us all up in a room and tases us?

  2. Funny you mention that, but the Activities were never set up properly so we don't expect it, still there is LS12...