Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weird HTTP Issue

There seems to be about 10 years of this being reported, yet not very good answers.

Hopefully someone reading this has a good answer. website from home and my office works fine and shows an IP of Cable).

However from a clients office they can not access the site and the IP there is shown as (Sprint T-1).

Searched the web the only thing someone reports as working does not work for many people and that was a netsh interface set tcp command.

Tracert, nslookup and ping all show the IP address as defined.

So aside from trying to convince Sprint they have a problem, with 1 website in the internet, any ideas how to get around this?

I tried hard coding the IP in the host file with no luck.
IPconfig /flushdns /register done, cleared cache of browser, tried all 3 browsers.

Any ideas or better Google searches than I are appreciated.


  1. Looks like nslookup reports and as the A records for I can get to their site with these addresses entered into the browser directly. If your client can't then I would suspect that Sprint has a routing problem between your client and those addresses. This should be fairly easy for sprint network techs to figure out. That the client get's the wrong address returned from DNS leads me to question their DNS. Your test with the host file would circumvent that though, so that leads me back to the routing problem...

  2. According to DNS, the 12.5.136.x subnet IS owned by 3600 IN SOA 2010100703 7200 3600 31449600 3600

    I would point the "Sprint" client to the Comcast DNS server (or to Google DNS - and see if it then resolves properly. If it does, then you can approach Sprint and ask why their DNS coughs up bad data.

  3. @Rich and @Wes
    Left it with Sprint right now as it clearly is not my side. It is possible we are pointing to an old DNS of theirs, waiting for them to validate it all.
    An odd issue to say the least. One wrong DNS entry? I thought maybe it was a spoofed/hijacked site.