Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quickr Book is Selling well

You'd think there were no other books out on Quickr.
Wait, you may be right.

I finally got my copies and read it last night. Believe it or not, they had never sent us a completed copy, had all the bits and pieces but not as a finished version.

If I can say, Packt did an excellent job of taking our edits and scribbles and making a well presented book. Going through some items I see I could have added some more screenshots but some parts were added last minute. I may add to those sections in time so the digital version will get the benefits.

Amazon has the book on sale today for $32.46 a steal compared to retail of $44.99.

You can also get the book in a digital format from Packt's website.

The book covers Domino primarily. Some sections do go over the J2EE version but at the time, unlike now, few were on the J2EE version so we went with the dominant product.

Clustering is covered as is setting up Domino, Quickr, Fix packs, interim fixes,DAOS, SSO, integrations with ECM and Sametime, plus how to customize basic sites.

Numerous people have bought it and are waiting for delivery, so what are you waiting for?


  1. Kudos goes to the authors. You did a nice job writing a book and not just rehashing product's documentation.

  2. Alex, hard not to rehash documentation for installation and configuration parts. But the insights each of us brought from different angles was worth it.
    Some ideas people have asked about already for another book but maybe an article or 2 instead. Not enough for a new book although J2EE is of interest now, so maybe...

  3. Congrats Keith!!! Thanks for getting this out there.

  4. Thank you Luis, much appreciated.