Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quickr for Domino, Qpconfig.xml mind games

IBM Quickr for Domino appears poised to hang around for some time yet. In answer to the question you may be asking, no, it is not the same thing as IBM Connections.

As a client put it to me, we need the file sharing/depository of Quickr, but the social benefits of Connections.

With that said, another session at The View conference in June I am working on is related to Quickr qpconfig optons and settings.

So if you have questions, ideas, ponderings about how to do something, where to set it or just what changed in the qpconfig.xml between versions, let me know them as I am making my list of topics.

Those of you with more Quickr experience, and those of us that go back to Quickplace and it's beta, have settings we make sure are set appropriately. However new admins do not have that experience yet and I am aiming this session at the new admins, but with details to make experienced admins happy as well.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. One of the things I'd like to know is...what is the functional difference between the 3 settings we can choose for ATOM feeds? I know the qpconfig-sample explains what the settings are, but I'm not sure which I should be using or why I would care.