Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This might be a record inbox size

Is that an inbox or are you just happy to find an open relay?
A webmail from an organization we work with appears to have troubles, no wonder, if you had 4.2 BILLION emails in your inbox you might have problems too.


  1. I was curious on the "record amount" because we have many customers who report very large amounts of email in their inboxes. None have approached 4.2 billion, though. :)

  2. We are trying to find out just what this is about but in the mean time that is all it says. Won't or probably can't show them all.
    Just having a good laugh while some poor guy in support there is freaking out that they have a DoS attack or something.

  3. wow. I've seen a mail file that was 36 Gig, but I don't know how many emails that represented over 15 years of use. I'd say that 4.2b messages is a spam trap. No human could make use of more than a a few million individual emails unless they tried to copy and email themselves the internets.

  4. Resolved as they did a synch for that mail file. No idea what the backend was. But that's a heck of a number.