Thursday, May 6, 2010

LotusLive NOTES Questions

Seems I struck gold with my queries on Lotuslive Notes...not iNotes.

Seen the Wiki? Almost empty.

If this is in production, then I am confused by the references to it being in beta.

I await entry to the LL beta program, asked months ago and again now, especially given our client is going to go to it.

So many questions, but I have asked some internal people at IBM for help.

So for now I leave you with these thoughts as people have asked why we are looking at Notes and not iNotes.

iNotes only provides email and some calendaring but not the robust side of business life clients need, especially in resource and reservations info.

Then there are policies we would like to use too.

We thought about using iNotes and the client employees could use their client of choice, but this led to a support issue since they did not want to support more than 1 client.

Notes will let the employees login via browser and a Notes client. Best of both worlds ideally. Yes, one could do this with iNotes BUT certain functions(iCal for one) will not work properly(fix promised in 852 but yet to be resolved in our testing). So this negates using it, for now.

Also how would you use Out of Office from a Notes client in iNotes?

We want to help the employees realize the client and the browser based look, act and feel the same(I know this is not 100% true, but it is mostly true..90% maybe).

Price is only marginally important, functionality is crucial to them.

More details coming soon. And no, I missed one of the calls about this so anyone who has some details(not the sales talk I have that) let me know. Thank you

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