Monday, May 17, 2010

iNotes Redirector Cluster Awareness

A primary issue to many customers, related to iNotes, is the lack of cluster awareness in the iNotes Redirector application.

If this is important to you, let IBM know, post a comment here, don't name your employer or clients but numbers are important.

You can also vote for this at the ideajam site here.

I have word from IBM that if this is important enough they will add it to the list.


  1. Just had a call on this last Friday - co-worker setting up iNotes and trying to be creative. Also know of a university that did this using appliances - in would be nice to be able to easily do this for SMB's without a large budget.

  2. I went through serious pains to try to get this in my environment. I'm about to get this right, but with 70% of the 10 000 users I have are using exclusively iNotes, this is extremely important. I sent the model of the workaround solution to somebody at IBM (iNotes specialist), but didn't hear from them. We'll try to get 45 000 users on the same model so it will be more and more important as we progress.
    And, it's costing much money to have the equipment to deal with this. It would be great if IBM enforced this.


    Fran├žois Morel