Friday, October 17, 2008

Sharepoint Costs HOW MUCH!

Sharepoint Price Guide

Not even going to question it's pricing ideas, but if it was true, YIKES!

Thanks to Phigment for Retweeting it.

Look up a 100 users and 1 server.

Still think Sharepoint is Free?

After Scott's comments I revisited and wanted to post the Official Microsoft pricing calculator.
Well at least it is on their website.

Update #2:
To be fair I tracked down Quickr's pricing per IBM's website.
In my mind, and maybe I don't entirely understand Microsoft's pricing theory, all else being roughly equal(they are) until Microsoft adds on CALS on top of the basic license for Sharepoint.

IBM Quickr Pricing

And you may need this for PVU definition


  1. WSS is free. Sharepoint (MOSS) is not. I just left you a LONG post on your FUD buster fridays post regarding this. If you want to extend you Quickr site to the outside world to use, say for a customer portal or something of that nature, it $300 per PVU, and if you dare put that on a Virtual server, you can plan to buy 200 PVU's. MOSS for internet sites is 42K and Change, and $75 per named user. So that makes Quickr cost $60K for the server install and another $70 for the user license. It would take quite a few user licenses to make up the $18,000 Again, not to appear as a M$ Homer or anything... I am a cerrtified Domino Admin, and a Domino Developer by trade working in a Domino shop that is part of a HUGE international corporation...

  2. Okay, that calculator is misleading. You don't need EVERYTHING that is listed below unless you are starting from total scratch. Even then you don't need the forms server, BOTH search servers, and if you are going to include the price of the server OS then you have to be fair and add that price to the cost of Quickr too. The only other item on that list that you NEED to run a Sharepoint site is the SQL server, so add the $5K and change to the price. This posting smells a bit of FUD all unto it's self.

  3. Scott,
    Interesting, WSS is NOT 100% free.
    Based on this
    It only allows for part of it to be installed. I'm not an expert at Sharepoint installs so let me know if this has any bearing.

    The Microsoft site shows about a $50K price BEFORE CALs. Go here to check it out:

    Trying to nail down CALs pricing better to help you and others.

    MOSS is NOt $75/per user, what about licensing search, comm server, or are you presuming the $300+ enterpsie CAL?

    Also don't forget that external people have additional CALs:

    I will update the post with this Microsoft price guide too.

  4. In reply to your 2nd comment, I never said the price of the original site made sense.
    I was blown away by the cost.

    Since I presume one is intelligent enough to uncheck what is not necessary you can make up whatever numbers you wish.

    And Quickr running on Linux requires no OS license.
    Sure many will use Windows but just pointing out the options.

  5. Quickr is licensed either by named user OR PVU, not both. If you buy Quickr for extranet use, 200 PVUs, there should be no other cost for users.

  6. Hmm, there is too much editions of SharePoint and the question is what you want to have at the end.
    I think that Quickr is quite well compared to WSS and if you want to have the full MOSS (Standard) you already have a search facilities in price.
    And would you buy the enterprise edition you get an Forms server inside which allows you to do a really nice and complex forms, integrate Excel and use BI inside. On IBM platform you have to use a lot of other products to achieve this.
    Also the SQL server price is a question as a lot of companies just already have some SQL server there as well as all those Windows CALs.
    By the way - I'm Lotus certified as well, just started to play with SharePoint a few months ago and quite like it so far ;)

  7. Martin, Thanks for the thoughts. The Microsoft Forms is also an addon just like Lotus Forms is an Add-on if you need it. and it integrates just as well if not better and with Websphere and Domino.
    MOSS requires MS Office to be installed as well as part of the functionality. Would be nice to see that work with any office productivity tool.
    MS SQL licensing still needs a CAL for every access by a device or a user. This is PER server.
    So if you need to connect to 2 different SQL servers, you need 2 different CALs.
    See this site:

  8. @Anonymous
    According to the price quote from my IBM sales rep, I would be required to buy 200 PVU's at a whopping $253 AND still need a license for each internal user @ $53.90 each... If she messed up maybe she should fix the quote and resubmit it, or maybe she should have clarified the costs when she did submit it. Either way from the quote that was submitted to us we would have to pay over 50K upfront for Quickr, as opposed to 5K to extend our existing, Already installed WSS3 from Dynamics / Business Portal to users Notes client via the Mainsoft integrator for Notes.

  9. Keith, you said: "And Quickr running on Linux requires no OS license." Quickr is not supported on any free Linux distribution. According to the system requirements, it requires one of the following: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Enterprise Server (ES), Advanced Server (AS), Workstation (WS) and Desktop for x86-32 V4.0 Update 4.

  10. Charles, You are correct, my bad, for looking at the Red Hat box on my shelf and forgetting it costs.
    BUt Ed has posted more on this subject and I think people will post more on his blog about this, especially as he can provide a full answer from inside.