Thursday, October 23, 2008

Q-SnTT - Domain name doesn't compute

Q stands for Quickr.
I don't do many SnTT but seeing as this one bugged me, I will let you all know about it.

So Abbott & Costello(not client's real name) have a Domino network which will now be using Lotus Quickr. Their domain is of course called Abbott & Costello because someone a decade ago set them up that way.
I Love my job.

What's so unusual? SPACES
Usually Domino Domains are listed in concatenated ways, like abbott&costello.

Now those admins out there probably now this technote VERY Well, if not, now you do.

The highlight is:
Domino domain names should be a single word or string (maximum of 31 characters). Do not use periods (.) in the Domino domain name as they are reserved characters.


Domino server names can consist of one or more words (a maximum of 79 characters) and can consist of any characters except: parentheses, at (@), slash and backslash (/ and \), equal (=), and plus (+). Using spaces or periods is not recommended.

If you use spaces, you must enter that server name in quotes ("") when entering a command at the server console. As the Domino server name is also used within the given protocols name to address resolve process the use of underscores and periods can create lookup failures within different protocols. As such they are strongly not recommended.

Great! I tried that in my QPCONFIG.XML but no luck. You see XML works in a different way.

Your QPCONFIG.XML file may require the Domain name of Abbott & Costello but if you put it in this way you will see an error which looks like this:

10/10/2008 10:16:26 HTTP JVM: [Fatal Error] :43:41: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

I tried the quotation marks no luck, and IBM support came back and told me to try swapping the & sign for & amp ; (as one word) and that worked.

For more substitutes for XML characters you may have in your domain name, check this page.

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